A press secretary for the Oceanas county press office resigned Tuesday after allegations she had been using a private email account and sending sensitive information to an official who was not authorized to receive the information.

Press Secretary Andrea O’Sullivan, who worked for the press office from 2012 to 2016, said she was notified of the allegations by the Ocala Police Department, and she took the resignation.

“This matter is currently under investigation and I am committed to fully cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation,” O’Sullivans email said.

She said she had accepted the resignation and would cooperate fully with any investigation.

O’Sullivan said she and her husband have two sons and are looking forward to returning to work.

Ocala Mayor Michael Stowe said the news of O’ Sullivan’s resignation was troubling, and said the police department had been notified about the matter.

“It is concerning to us that the OCEP is looking into an employee’s email account,” he said.

“We take the allegations very seriously and will cooperate fully.”

Stowe said O’Shanassy was a great communicator and she was a tremendous asset to the press.

Stowe noted O’Neill has been a public servant for a long time, and was always respected in Oceannas county.

“I hope that this situation is resolved so that all citizens can have a safe and secure communication, Oceanas County,” he told The Associated Press.

The Ocalla Police Department said O Sullivan is a certified public information officer and a certified private communications worker.

A spokesperson for the office said Olliam Sullivan resigned from her position at the Ocaanas press office on Tuesday.