The Indian startup Easy Press has launched its first-ever digital distribution platform, where publishers can publish on its platform.

The platform, which launched in India last month, aims to change the way Indian publishers can monetise their content, by providing an easier, cheaper, more accessible and more diverse way of doing business.

Read moreAbout Easy PressFounder and CEO Piyush Goyal says the platform was born out of necessity.

“We realized that publishers in India are struggling with the task of monetising their content,” Goyal told The Wall Street Journal.

“There are many reasons why publishers are struggling in India, but one of them is lack of choice in how they monetise.”

Easy Press has a platform that allows publishers to publish on the platform without having to go through a traditional publishing house.

It has an initial subscription for a monthly fee of Rs. 25 ($5).

The company says it will charge publishers a fee of at least 50% of the revenue that the platform generates.

The publisher can choose the payment method they want, and it will then decide how much of the monthly revenue that they will pay the publisher.

The platform has been available in the market since the end of March, with an initial launch planned for this month.

Goyal says Easy Press’ platform has allowed the company to raise funding in the past.

“We raised funding from our angel investors, and we have already started offering subscription pricing in our store,” he told the WSJ.

Goy told the Indian media that the company was aiming to launch in 100 Indian cities by the end