also claimed the document contained “sex tape” evidence and “a dossier of salacious allegations against Trump and his associates”.

But The Washington Post report said it was not possible to independently verify all of the allegations, including allegations of “incriminating personal details”.

The dossier was also the subject of an FBI counter-intelligence investigation that began in 2017.

Mr Steele is a former British spy who worked for MI6.

According to the New York Times, he has been investigated by the FBI for “spreading false information about President Donald Trump”.

The paper reported that Mr Steele was fired from MI6 in 2013 after his contacts with the Russian ambassador to the US led to his being placed under surveillance by the US Secret Service.

The dossier alleged that Mr Trump had paid a Russian businessman to work for the Trump Organization and used a pseudonym in order to conceal his ties to Russian intelligence.

It also alleged that Russia had paid Mr Trump millions of dollars to promote himself as a business leader and that he had made payments to settle personal debts and cover up sexual misconduct allegations.

What is the ‘Dossier’?

A dossier was a series of allegations about a person that was believed to have committed a crime or was a person suspected of committing a crime.

The term “dirt” refers to a dossier that was compiled by a person or persons working for a foreign power to gather information about a suspected criminal.

In the context of Mr Trump’s alleged “collusion” with the Kremlin, the dossier could refer to a variety of sources, including media reports about the Trump administration, as well as a dossier compiled by an opposition research firm, Fusion GPS, which was later funded by the Clinton campaign.

What does it say about Donald J Trump?

Trump is not the first US president to be accused of wrongdoing by his former campaign adviser, former Trump adviser and former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Mr Flynn was fired by Mr Trump after he misled Vice President Mike Pence and the White House about conversations he had with Mr Kislyak.

The New York Post said that the Flynn investigation is “the most consequential foreign policy crisis since Watergate”.

The Washington Times said Mr Trump is “not alone in seeking to undermine his presidency”.

It added that the White the Trump team was “trying to turn the spotlight on the President, a former national security official who had served in the George W Bush administration and a former CIA director who oversaw covert operations against al-Qaida and other Islamist groups”.

What are the allegations in the ‘dossier’?

The alleged “dampening” of Trump’s presidency was one of the main allegations in Mr Steele’s dossier, according to The Washington Times.

According the paper, the “dubious dossier” alleged that the president had received tens of millions of “freebies” from Russia, including access to the Kremlin’s vast property empire and the “personal wealth” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What are Mr Trump and Mr Flynn’s public records?

Trump has not revealed much about his political life.

During his campaign, he was seen frequently at the offices of his real estate company in New York, and was recorded on camera giving a thumbs up to his employees and praising them.

The Post reported that the former president also appeared to “pay close attention” to the security of his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The White House has said Mr Flynn did not receive a classified briefing from Mr Trump, but said he had been given information from the National Security Council.

What about the media?

The dossier claimed that Mr Flynn had lied to the Vice President and the US Congress about the extent of his contacts and interactions with Russian officials.

The newspaper also alleged the “incident” would have a “significant impact” on Mr Trump.

“It is important to remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg,” the article said.

“The extent of this incident could potentially have far-reaching implications for the administration, including whether Mr Trump can be removed from office. “We