Brennan: The New Year with some New Faces is a roundup of our coverage of the year so far, highlighting what’s new, interesting and worth your attention.

Here are the highlights: 1.

Brennan: New year’s resolutions: What are some of the resolutions for 2018?


New Year’s resolutions for 2017 2.

The new adidas-sponsored game: Is this game worth your time?


A new game: What makes a game worth playing?

2:20 2:30 3.

A few more games to keep an eye on: Why not watch this one?

3:20 3:40 4.

Another new game to keep a look out for: This one’s about a robot.

4:30 4:50 5.

The first time someone played The Walking Dead: What did you think?

5:30 6.

Another game to stay tuned to: This time it’s about an assassin.

7:00 7:20 8.

New VR content: This game has new graphics.

8:00 9.

How do you keep up with everything happening on Facebook?

9:30 10.

More VR news: What’s next for Oculus?

11:00 12.

A game about a guy in a suit, but not quite.


A big one: The most successful and influential VR movie of all time.


A story about how VR got the word out.


A lot more VR news.


We got a big announcement.