Arnold Schwarzenegger has been making a name for himself as the biggest man in the world.

In an interview with Arnold Press, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Show co-creator discussed the history of Arnold’s dumbbells, how the Arnolds started out with two and how they eventually split up.

“My dumbbell, which was my personal favorite, went to the World Series in 1960.

I was 15, 16 years old and I did a record-breaking lift, I won a World Series, I was a World Champion.

And then when I did the Arnold show, I didn’t win.

I lost.

I wasn’t the best athlete in the World, but I was the best dumbbell.

That was the first dumbbell I did.”

The Arnold Show was a hit with audiences and Schwarzenegger went on to be a successful actor.

He had two films produced after that, The Karate Kid and The Terminator, and he was a regular on the TV show Family Guy, as well as a host of podcasts, including the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger Podcast.