When it comes to benching, the rules are not always as clear-cut as you might think.

We’ll look at the most common bench press variations, explain how to build strength with them, and discuss what it takes to bench properly.


Single leg press –  Single leg presses are a good choice for anyone looking to get bigger.

They’re generally faster and stronger than straight-leg presses, so if you’re not sure what to expect, try this one out.

They work the core and allow for more speed, so don’t be afraid to try one out on a friend or coach.


Bench press variations 1.

Overhead press with your right arm – The overhead press can be used for most anyone who wants to bulk up.

It’s a fairly simple move, but it can be hard to hold.

To hold the weight overhead, you should grip the barbell and bend your knees as if you were pressing them in reverse.

That’s it.

Hold for a few seconds, then repeat for a full minute.


Single-leg press variations: Single-leg variations are a more traditional way to get into a bigger body.

You can start with a straight-legged push-up, but once you’re stronger with a single leg press, you can start using them for bench press exercises.

You’ll probably need to work up a few pounds, but if you want to build muscle and build size, this is a good option.


Push-up variations: The push-ups are a great exercise for adding size to your bench press.

Start with a few reps and go from there.


Row variations: Try this variation, which works the core while strengthening your shoulders.


Row variation: You can also use this variation to add muscle to your chest or arms, but make sure you can hold for a while.


Deadlift variations: If you can handle the bar, then this variation is the best option for you.

Start slow, but work up to a max effort, and if you can, work your way up to the bar.


Reverse hyperser-sizer: The reverse hyperser is a variation of the reverse hyperserk that allows you to move your shoulder blades to your sides to create the movement.

You should only do this variation for bench pressing, and it’s best suited for someone who is a bit weaker than you.


Barbell overhead press variations1.

Straight-leg: Straight-leg bench press is a pretty straightforward movement.

Hold the bar overhead, and move the bar forward as if it were a barbell.

This is a great move for people with a stronger core, but you can also do it for bodyweight bench pressing as well.


Double-leg barbell overhead Press: Double-leg overhead press is an easy move for anyone who is stronger than you, but remember that it takes time to build up strength with this one.

Start by getting a few repetitions, then add some weight.


Bent-over row variations: Bent-overs are great for people who are big, but they’re not great for the muscles that make up your back.

You may want to try these out on someone who’s a bit bigger.


Overhand row variations1) Bent-Over Row with the elbows bent: This movement works the muscles around your shoulders, which makes it great for those who are more strong than you at the same time.

Try it on your friend or a coach, or you can even try it on yourself.

You should only start by doing 10 reps and work up slowly.

2) Overhand Row with your feet flat on the floor: This exercise works the same muscles around the front of your shoulders as the bent-over.

But it’s much easier to do on your own.

3) Straight-Leg Overhead Press: You might have noticed that this is the standard way to bench, so this is an excellent option for those with more power and strength than you have.

Start slowly, but add some more weight as you go.