Posted April 10, 2020 10:31:16Apple has announced the next version of the iPhone X, dubbed the “iPhone XS” (for the iPhone 10), and the XS Max, dubbed “iPhone XL” (a.k.a.

“iPhone 8” for the iPhone 8).

The new iPhones, which will retail for $999 and $1,099, will come with a host of new features and improvements, including a new “Apple Watch Face” and a “iBeacon” sensor, both of which Apple says will give the device a new level of personalization.

The sensor will let the user know when a notification is coming, so the device can respond accordingly.

The new iPhone will also include “Face ID” and “Face Unlock,” which allow the user to unlock the phone and unlock the screen of the device by tapping a button.

The iPhone XS and XS max are expected to come in two colors, blue and white, and a black version of both will be made available.

The iPhone X will come in three colors, white, black, and gold, as well as two variants of the 12.9-inch iPhone Xs Plus, which are supposed to retail for the same price as the 12-inch model.

In a blog post, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company has made “a conscious decision to make our phones more personal.”

Apple also revealed the new “iPhone” emoji, and the company says its new “S” logo will appear in the app store’s icon.

Apple also says it’s “bringing back” the press brake.

“You’ll be able to control how much force your phone’s brake is pulling with the new iPhone,” Cook said.

“Press the brake button to slow down the camera or adjust the camera’s focus, then tap the rear-facing camera to take a selfie.”

Apple’s new “FaceID” sensor is also going to be part of the upcoming iPhones.

The company says it will give users “a second-generation fingerprint sensor that is able to unlock a new iPhone using their face.”

It also promises to make the system more secure.

“With our latest security innovations, Apple will allow you to unlock your iPhone using your fingerprint even when the device is unlocked by your fingerprint,” Cook added.