President Donald Trump says he is not going away from his press conferences, even after his son, Eric, reportedly threatened him that he was going to “put a bullet in the back of my head” if he continued to do so.

Speaking with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell in an exclusive interview, Trump said he would not be deterred from his campaign promises and the campaign’s message of “America first.”

“We’re going to keep going until we win,” Trump said.

“But if I have to, I’m not coming off it,” he added.

“I’m going to win this thing.

I have the power.

If I have a chance to do it, I will.”

Trump also defended his comments in a Fox News interview earlier this week that he would have to “kill” any American that did not endorse him.

The president said he had a “good relationship” with his son and that he felt “pretty good about him” when the pair met with him last month.

“He’s a very smart guy.

He’s got the ability to make a lot of decisions,” Trump added.

But Trump did not give a clear indication of how he would handle the ongoing controversy over whether his son was born in the United States.

“I’m gonna make a decision,” Trump told Mitchell.

“But I don’t wanna go out there and do it.”

Trump said he did not think the controversy was over yet and that it was still “a little bit” over.

“We’ll see what happens.

We’ll see how this thing plays out,” he said.