By now you’ve probably seen this: the Oakland Athletics twitter account announced that they would be holding a contest on their new Instagram account, the Parabo Press.

The competition was a way for fans to see if they were good enough at one of the more popular sports on Instagram to win a chance to be featured in the next Parabo book.

The Parabo press was the name given to the competition, and the winners would be given an autographed Parabo print.

But that’s not the whole story.

In a very short amount of time, Oakland had a new Twitter account with an exclusive contest and it was a great way to get fans to share their favorite sports.

But there was one thing that didn’t go over well with the Oaklands Instagram account.

The contest was about being a parabo press champion, which is basically the ultimate goal of this contest.

So, with that in mind, here are the rules of the contest.

How to Win the Parabos Press Contest You have to win the competition.

The Oakland Athletic Twitter account said this in their official announcement: #TheOaklandPress #TheParabosPress #ParaboPress is a contest where the winner will receive a Parabo shirt.

It is not necessary that you win.

You can win a photo shoot with the winner, or you can do something else with the proceeds from the sale of the books.

If you win the contest, you will be featured on the Oakies Instagram page.

What to Expect When You Enter the Contest There will be two ways to enter the contest: a) You can enter by tagging your followers, like this: #Oaklandpress #TheOAKLPress #OakLovesOaklandThe winning entry will be posted on the @OaklandOAK Twitter account and the contest will end immediately.

b) If you are already a fan of Oakland, you can enter on the new Parabo Instagram account (this is not the same as the Oakbell Instagram account).

If you enter on this account, you’ll see a little section where you can write a caption about how you would like your name featured in one of their upcoming books.

You’ll need to include a photo of yourself with your name in the caption.

In either of these ways, you are guaranteed to win.

The winner will be announced on Oakbell’s Instagram page, and they’ll have the opportunity to thank you on Twitter.

And here’s what the winners of the OaklovesOaklands contest got for their efforts.

Oakbell will be giving away a Parabo shirt to one lucky winner.