2.10pm GMTThe US-based Dillon’s reloading firm has announced a press conference for Thursday, January 6 at the White House in Washington, DC.

The company said the announcement will be livestreamed via the company’s YouTube channel, which also hosts a live stream of the event via the US president’s Twitter account.

Dillon’s said in a statement that the Whitehouse press conference will be the company “celebrating the importance of a healthy and productive economy” and the president’s speech “is designed to reaffirm America’s leadership position in the world.”

Dillon Reloading said in the statement that “it is important for us to be united in the pursuit of a strong economy and that our customers can continue to be assured that they will always have a choice to buy products made by Dillon, which are produced in a way that meets their personal and environmental requirements.”

Dillons press conference on the US economy is a good time to start the year.

This is the first time Dillon’s has held a press briefing, according to the company.

Dillon’s also said it will hold a press event in London on February 8.