The Associated Press has learned that Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is planning to hold press conferences at least once a week starting next week, and that they will be hosted by two different reporters, one of whom is being paid $50,000 per week to cover the presidential campaign.

The two reporters who are being paid by the campaign to cover Romney’s campaign, Jennifer Bendery and Chris Ruddy, will be joined by the Associated Press reporter David Weigel.

The Romney campaign said they are expected to hold two press conferences this week.

The campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The press conferences are not the first time Romney has had to answer questions about his finances.

Last week, Romney admitted that he was using a government-issued credit card to pay for a $4,700 home remodel.

He also said in a CNBC interview that he had paid $2,500 for an extra credit card in order to pay his wife’s medical bills.