The latest campaign by Budweiser to promote its “Big Bud” beer is set to hit the airwaves on Wednesday.

The ad campaign, which features “Big” Bud and the other beers from the “Big 2” series, will air in California, Texas and Florida.

It will run on Budweisers nationwide radio stations.

In the ad, Budweis is seen standing in front of a mural of a man with a big-breasted woman holding a bottle of Big Bud.

The two are in a bar together.

It’s not clear who the woman is in the image.

The campaign is being funded by Bud Weisse, the brewer, who says Bud is the best beer in the world.

It features scenes of people at bars drinking the beer and dancing.

“Our beer is so good, it’s so unique,” Budweiss said in a statement.

“We think it’s an opportunity for us to reach a new level of understanding with our consumers.”

The Big Bud campaign, according to the ad agency, will feature Bud’s “best-selling beer” and its top 10 beers.

The two new Budweises are in the “big-breast” family.

They’re currently the No. 2-selling brewery beer in America.

In July, Bud Weiser launched a similar campaign featuring the “The Big 3” beers.