A Canadian journalist who was fired from CBC News Canada is suing the broadcaster, alleging the broadcaster used its power of censorship to silence her.CBC News Canada announced Friday it has fired Heather Goudreau, a Canadian who has worked at the news organization since 2013, after CBC News reported that she “has publicly and publicly expressed an opinion that is contrary to the corporation’s values.”

The move comes amid growing concerns about the corporation, which was founded in 1875 and is CBC’s largest broadcaster, after the corporation censored a story about Canadian military personnel at an Air Canada flight.

The company had initially denied the allegations and said it will cooperate with the investigation, but it was later revealed that Goudette had been fired from the CBC for her outspokenness on social media.”CBC News has been a key player in supporting Canadian journalism, both as a news source and a platform for Canadian voices to shine,” said Goudéreau in a statement.

“I’m saddened to learn of the decision to terminate me.

I am disappointed with the decision, but I will not rest until CBC News is free of the threat of political interference and censorship.”

Goudreau was one of three journalists at CBC who have publicly criticised the corporation over its coverage of the military and the 2015 Toronto bombing.

She has also criticized the corporation for its coverage on the Ebola crisis.