walz /r and  the veritas  media organization is now claiming that it received $1.5 million from a campaign group known as the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group that, according to its website, seeks to “destroy the separation of church and state”. 

The Freedom From Religious Foundation was founded in 1993 by Jerry Falwell Jr, an avowed Christian.

The organization is dedicated to “defending the freedom of the conscience of all Americans”.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation’s mission statement reads: “We are committed to protecting the free exercise of religion for all Americans.”

In an emailed statement, the group explained that it was “the sole beneficiary of the $1,5 million donation from a non-profit 501(c)(3) non-tax-exempt foundation” called Freedom From Belief Foundation (FFBF).

The statement also added: “FFBF was founded by Jerry Falwell Jr in 1993 as an organization dedicated to defending the free expression of religious beliefs and principles, particularly those of Christians.”

The group said that the donation was made to support the “promotion of religious liberty”. 

A Freedom From Faith Foundation spokesperson, Jason Richwine, told CNNMoney that the “campaign was a mistake, and we regret it”.

In his statement, Falwell wrote that the campaign was an “opportunity to exploit the American people’s fear and anxiety about religious persecution” by the “intolerant” “atheists”.

“It’s a chance for the media to attack the faith of a fellow American who is the one defending religious freedom and defending the sanctity of the home,” Falwell continued.

“It’s also a chance to attack a Christian who has defended the freedom to practice their faith.

I’m sure it’s a sad day for this country when the president of the United States and his supporters take this kind of bigotry personally.”

However, Falcon said he had been “blindsided” by the revelation that he was one of their donors, which led to the republishing of the statement. 

Falcom added that he had spoken to a number of his top lieutenants who were “disgusted” by Falwell’s statement. 

“We have a responsibility to stand up for religious liberty, and if we’re going to be in the business of making money from people who will attack the rights of others, that’s not the way we do it,” he said.

Falwell, who has been the subject of a controversy since being removed from the White House in February, also defended his role in activating the Freedom From The Religion Foundation. 

The Republican president has faced a backlash for tweeting a video in February that included repeating his support for the organisation.

In the video, Falco said: “It is absolutely amazing that you want to demonize the President of the USA by saying he has a problem with Christianity.

I mean, you’re so far to the right that you think it’s OK to say that we are against the president and that he’s not a Christian.”

Falwell also contacted President Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon in an attempt to explain the controversy, which has caused a frustration among both Congress members and former White House chief of staff John Kelly. 

In response, Bannon said that Falco had shown “incredible mischaracterisation” and “fear and hate” against the President, including his use of the word “cuck”. 

“I think that’s why Steve is trying to distance himself from him and try to distance themselves from the President,” he said. 

Blaming the  president for calling Falwell a “jackass”, Barton said “He should have done what I would do, which is just called him out on it.” 

Falcons also told Fox News that his statement was part of a larger fight between the Trump administration and Freedom From Religion Foundation.

I mean, they have been trying to push out me since the inauguration. “

I think what’s happened here is the government is trying its best to push me out.

I mean, they have been trying to push out me since the inauguration.

They have been threatening me since day one.”

CNN’s John Berman contributed to this report.