The Telegraph has been accused by the BBC of suppressing coverage of the Brexit referendum, with the newspaper’s former managing editor, David Marr, accusing the BBC and others of using “biased and distorted reporting” to promote the Leave campaign.

“The Telegraph has used the most sensationalist, sensationalist and biased reporting to push the Leave side,” Mr Marr said.

“They have done so with great success, often without the slightest evidence that this has happened, because they do not want to offend the Remain camp and are in fact doing the opposite.”

In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for the Telegraph said it was investigating.

“We have been in touch with the BBC regarding this claim and will continue to investigate further,” the spokesperson said.

The BBC has previously come under fire for using biased reporting, in particular over the 2015 Panama Papers leaks.

The Guardian reported in 2017 that the BBC was accused of using a story about the Panama Papers, which were leaked by a Panama-based whistleblower, to push a pro-EU narrative.

The corporation has also been criticised for using inaccurate headlines about Brexit.