Vice President Joe Biden slammed President Donald Trump’s latest trade deal Wednesday as “stupid” and a “disaster.”

Speaking at the White House’s trade office, Biden slammed Trump’s decision to slap tariffs on imports from China, India and South Korea, which are considered among the world’s largest economies.

Biden said Trump’s trade deal with Beijing, which he has described as “one of the most dangerous things ever negotiated,” would hurt Americans and hurt the global economy.

Bidens warning comes as China and other countries have begun to step up pressure on the United States to withdraw from the TPP, which Trump and Democratic leaders have decried as a trade war that would hurt U.S. workers.

Bids on the deal are being negotiated between the United Sates, Canada and 11 other countries, which include Australia and Japan.

The deals would open the door for a surge of U.s. exports to be processed through China, where many imports are made.

China and other Asian countries have accused the United Kingdom of unfairly favoring its own products, and have called for the United states to withdraw its membership in the TPP.