A press conference has been held at the Press Conference Room of the Press Building in New York City.

Press Secretary for The Press Council David Whitehouse is speaking today on the topic of the Trump administration’s plans to revoke press freedom laws.

David Whitehouse says press freedom is an important pillar of democracy.

In this press conference on Tuesday, October 6, 2018, President Donald Trump will sign an executive order revoking press freedom provisions.

Mr Whitehouse said the press is an integral part of democracy and an integral pillar of the country’s economy.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an order revokes the press freedom protections in the US.

He said he is committed to a press freedom that is strong and free, and that he will fight to keep the press free.

It is now time for the American people to put a stop to the attacks on the press.

Press conference begins at 7:00am. “

The President will sign the order today to rescind press freedom and to make clear that the President is committed in his first 100 days to rein in the attacks against the press.”

Press conference begins at 7:00am.

White House press secretary said that the Trump Administration intends to rescind the Trump press freedom executive order on Thursday, October 9, 2018.

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At his confirmation hearing, President Trump said that he was committed to an open and free press and would fight to ensure that journalists can report freely and fairly.

The President said he will sign his executive order tomorrow.

A day after his inauguration, Mr Trump signed an executive decree that rescinded press freedom legislation.

This action is not an attack on the American press, but an effort to strengthen our ability to hold the American public accountable.

Trump said that if his executive orders don’t work, he will go to Congress and ask for legislation to reverse the action.

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