Ashland, UK (CNN) — British tabloid Ashland daily has confirmed that it will be publishing on the Internet its biggest newspaper ever, The Independent, starting this week.

The publication will be called The Independent from the website and the paper will be available on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, and iBookstore.

The paper will also be available at newsstands, news websites, e-books, and on the BBC iPlayer.

Ashland said in a statement that it is committed to its mission to provide a daily, local, independent voice in the UK news media, as well as a platform for people to share their stories, ideas, and opinions.

Ashlands mission to publish a newspaper of the day will begin with a news edition on Monday, May 20, the newspaper said.

“This new edition of The Independent will provide a platform to share stories, to share ideas, to tell their stories with readers and to share views,” the newspaper’s publisher, David Aylward, said in the statement.

“We look forward to welcoming readers from around the world to The Independent.”

The paper’s website has been redesigned, with a new headline, “Why the UK’s biggest newspaper is back in print,” the headline of the new edition says.

A new video on the website will begin in the coming weeks.

The video features Ashland’s CEO, Ian Ritchie, who also is the paper’s editor-in-chief.

Ashlander, founded in 1885, has a circulation of about 4 million.

The newspaper has published a variety of topics, including local government, business, health, business law, and other topics, and is known for its investigative reporting and reporting on international politics.

The newspaper’s website says that the site will continue to be free for everyone.

The site’s motto is: “To tell the truth.”