JCPenney stores to open on Sunday

JCPensa and Macy’s will open at 8 a.m. on Sunday, the company announced on its website.JCPenneys will have a “limited selection” of products, including its own namesake department store, the

Which of these dudes has the biggest dumbbell?

By now, we’ve all heard about the new generation of dumbbells that come in different shapes and sizes.The military press is a great example.The most popular military press today is

Silk Press presses juiceries to pay up

Silicon Valley-based silk press Press is one of the hottest juicemakers in the world, with a history of launching top-tier brands like Apple, Samsung, and Applebee’s.In addition to its high-end

How the ‘Veritas’ press conference went down

walz /r and  the veritas  media organization is now claiming that it received $1.5 million from a campaign group known as the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group that, according to

A new type of fridge could keep you alive

A new kind of fridge, capable of keeping you alive in the event of an emergency, could soon hit the shelves.A company called Whirr has developed a device that could