A new bar in Dublin that’s taking over the old one is taking a more relaxed approach to its menu, according to the Irish Times.

The New World Bar is opening in the Irish capital on January 6, and its owner, Jim Cogger, says he’ll serve “craft cocktails, regional beers, locally sourced ingredients and a variety of other spirits”.

Mr Coger, who has previously worked at The New West Hotel in London, told the Irish newspaper the bar will offer “a whole range of options”.

It will also have a large selection of food and drinks.

Mr Cokger, who owns the New World bar in the city’s north inner city, has also opened up the menu to local food and drink, offering a range of traditional Irish dishes.

“We are taking our menu from a local restaurant and we are also taking some of the menus from other pubs in the area,” Mr Cagger said.

“The concept of New World is to be a little bit relaxed, and to give you the best of what you can expect from the best in Irish cuisine.”

The restaurant is being built at the corner of The Mall and The Valley Streets in Dublin.

Mr Carrigan, who opened the bar in London’s Covent Garden in 2016, said he wanted to open an Irish bar “that people could go to and relax”.

“This is what we want to be known for,” he said.

The new bar, named The NewWorld Bar, is being opened in Dublin on January 7.

Source: The Irish Telegraph