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How to Treat a Cold Sore with a Cold Cream: To treat a sore, apply ice to the area, and let it dry out.

It should feel as if the area is sore but should not feel like it’s getting worse.

If you do need to stop and cool it down, put a cold cream on it.

For the best results, use a cold compress on the area.

What to Do if the Cold Sores Suck: Apply ice to an area that’s sore.

If the area gets really sore, try using a cold compression to help loosen it up.

If it gets really cold, stop cold compression and wait until it’s warmed up.

After you’re sure the sore has completely relaxed, do the following steps: Let the area cool for a few minutes.

Wait a few seconds before you apply ice again.

After that, apply a warm compress to the sore and let the area warm up.

Apply a cold pack on the sore.

Use a cold mask and wash your hands after you apply the mask.

Do not use alcohol or any other warm compress or compressable gel.

When your sore feels better, start a cold shower.

If your sore is too sore to take a cold, ask your healthcare provider to give you a warm, non-perishable product that’s available at the grocery store.

If this is a cold that’s been left on the side of the road for a long time, try wearing a hat to keep warm.

If that’s not working, you can use a pillow and use a blanket to sleep on the coldest part of the day.

If using a warm pad to sleep, put it on the outside of your sleeping bag and put a towel under the pad to help cool it.

If cold sore isn’t improving, call your healthcare practitioner for further information.