A Texas man who lost his job because of his bacon press business has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer and the food truck operator he owns.

Karen Fuchs, whose name was not released, said in a lawsuit filed Thursday that she was laid off in June 2015 because of her bacon press and that the company, Bacon Press and Bacon Company, failed to pay her the minimum wage required under Texas law.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants’ failure to pay the minimum hourly wage for a food service worker violates state law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

In a statement, Bacon’s spokesman, Jim Sturgess, said the company is disappointed with the lawsuit and that it is confident that it has met all of the legal requirements.

“We are committed to providing a safe, friendly, and enjoyable working environment for all of our employees,” Sturges said.

“We will vigorously defend our business, and the rights of our workers.”

The lawsuit also claims that Bacon Press’s failure to provide paid sick leave, minimum wage, overtime pay, and other benefits to workers violates the state and federal Fair Wage Act.

A spokesperson for Bacon Press, Mike Brown, said that the restaurant chain is committed to helping its employees, and that Brown would like to “continue to assist Karen Fuchs in her effort to get the job back.”

Fuchs said in her lawsuit that she lost her job after she complained to her employer in January 2016 that the food trucks weren’t being paid properly.

She was working for BaconPress in a truck that had worked for several months.

Brown says the truck was one of many operated by the company.

Fuchs has been laid off three times since she filed the lawsuit.

She says that after the third time, she was told she would have to leave the company in April, but she went on to work for Baconpress again, and in September was laid up again.

Brown told Fox News last year that he has seen a decrease in the number of Bacon Press jobs since he took over.

But he did not address the lawsuit specifically, citing pending litigation.

Bacon Press told the Dallas Morning News that it doesn’t comment on pending litigation and that no one in the company would speak on the record.

The company said in its statement that the lawsuit is without merit and that BaconPress has made “significant progress” since Fuchs filed her lawsuit.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome.