A smartbell overhead grip can help you avoid the pain of knee pain that is common with a dumbbell pressing workout, a University of Melbourne researcher has found.

Key points:Researchers found a dumbelbell overhead exercise is a better way to strengthen your kneesThe study suggests dumbbells can be used to stretch and strengthen your jointsThe research was led by Professor Alan Loughran, a researcher at the University of Victoria’s Centre for Sport and Exercise Psychology.

“It’s very important to keep in mind that the goal is not to get stronger,” Professor Loughron said.

“What we want to do is to get the muscles and connective tissue in your knees stronger so they can perform at peak performance.”

And it’s not just about getting stronger, but also getting stronger and getting more mobility and better movement patterns.

“Dr Loughroons research found that a dumbell overhead press was the most effective way to work your knees.”

There’s no doubt it’s a great way to get strong and get better performance from your joints, particularly your knees,” Professor Glynis Dankman, an exercise physiologist at the Centre for Sports and Exercise Psychological at the university, said.

The research showed a dumbells ability to strengthen and expand the ligaments in your joints was directly linked to its ability to improve performance on the exercise.”

A dumbbell press is really good for the knees,” Dr Dankmann said.

Dr Dankmans study involved over a number of people who were either a beginner or advanced exerciser.”

We found that the people who had been training in a dumbelled-down way had higher scores on a range of measures such as knee flexibility, knee flexibility strength and knee flexibility endurance,” she said.

While the study didn’t find any correlation between dumbbell exercise and lower back pain, it does indicate that dumbbell exercises can be a good way to help your knees and hips.”

You can get a sense of how your knee joint responds to different exercise modes by just doing a simple bench press,” Dr Loughrano said.

Professor Dankon said a good dumbbell push-up is a good choice for beginners, but you can also use it as a push-ups to improve your mobility.”

If you have a beginner in your gym you might try dumbbell dips and dumbbell flyes,” she explained.”

They’re all good ways to get a good feel for the way your knees respond.

“Dr Danchman said a dumb-bell press could be a great exercise for athletes and recreational lifters.”

With dumbbell movements like the dumbbell and dumbel, you can put the weight on the side of your body, you have your hands and feet in contact with the dumbel,” she suggested.”

So you’re actually putting the weight directly on your back, which means you’re doing an exercise on your legs.

“Because of that you’re strengthening the ligament and stabilising the knee joint.”

I think the dumb-box movement has also a lot of potential to increase flexibility in the knee, and if you’ve got good flexibility and good knee strength, it’s really good.