By Emily Karp November 19, 2017 5:01pmNew York City, NY — New York press secretary Jim Manzi lost his job over his role in the loss of art at the New York Times, according to sources close to the news organization.

Manzi, who had been serving as a deputy press secretary to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, was hired by the paper in January 2017 and was promoted to press secretary.

A spokesperson for the paper said the job was not the result of an internal search.

Manza, who also worked as a social media strategist, had spent much of his time at the Times working with the public relations team to improve its image.

He also worked on the coverage of the Presidential inauguration.

He left the paper at the end of February and was reassigned to another position, a spokesman for the Times said.

Manzanis new job came as the Times continues to lose editors, and his departure comes at a time when the paper is being criticized for its lack of diversity in the ranks of its reporters.

The newspaper has also been losing writers as well as reporters and editors, including a large percentage of staff who have moved to smaller newsrooms across the country.