The new format is intended to be easier for journalists and will allow for more in-depth reporting and commentary.

The new format will allow the press to produce stories with greater clarity, transparency and detail and will enable more in depth reporting, according to the press release.

“It is a new way of publishing and the format will give journalists more control and accountability to the readers,” Pritzki said.

According to Pritzkers press release, the new format, which will be released later this year, will be based on a simplified version of the press conference format that has existed for the last few years.

Pritzker, a former US president, will announce the format at the Global Press Freedom Summit in New Delhi.

Last year, the White House had announced plans to introduce a new style of media in the country to allow the US to promote itself as an independent superpower.

It was also announced that the US would open up a new digital media platform for the media called ‘The American Press’, where it would be able to create news content without needing a large editorial staff.