The first time I used a bar to press for weight I was scared to death.

But the barbells I eventually built were a lifesaver and my career has never been the same.

Here are ten reasons why you should make a bar for your gym press.


It’s lightweight.

This is the most important reason.

Most people think that a bar is heavy.

It can be heavy if it’s a heavy barbell.

But that’s not the case.

A heavy bar is just the right weight for your body.

Most bars weigh around 1.5 pounds and have an average load of 1.3 pounds.

A barbell with an average weight of 1 pound can easily hold more than 20 pounds on a bar.

A 1.2 pound bar is a little heavy but it’s light enough that you don’t have to worry about it lifting off the ground.

I have used barbell presses for 10 years and I never once lost any weight.


It doesn’t weigh you down.

When you’re pressing for a heavy weight, your muscles are working hard to get you to the point of failure.

This puts a lot of stress on your joints and joints tend to break down more quickly when you’re trying to press heavy weights.

If your joints break down at this point, it’s hard to train for heavier weights.

And it’s easier to let your joints fail to do the job when you don the bar.

So by using a bar, you don,t have to deal with this.

It reduces the risk of your joints breaking down and you don”t have this heavy, painful impact on your body that can lead to injury.


It”s quick.

If you don,”t have a bar or bench press you can always get a bench press or barbell press.

I use my bench press to do a lot more pressing, which is good for my strength and flexibility.

If I can do it quickly, I”ll be able to train harder and faster.

If my back hurts or my knees hurt, I can rest easy.

I just get up and start doing the same movement over and over again.


It gets you to work harder.

This isn’t true of every exercise, but the bar has helped me build my deadlift and squat.

And I used to hate bench pressing and deadlifting because I was worried that I’d get injured or hurt myself.

Now, I don’t worry about that anymore.

When I get up, I always do the same push-up variation that I do on a regular bench press.


It keeps you motivated.

I”m always working to get stronger, and a bar can keep me motivated and focused.

You can never lose motivation if you”re not doing the training you”ve been doing.

With a bar you can have the same workout every single day.

You get to train every single week.

It makes me feel like I”ve always got something to prove, even if I”re still only in my second year of a career.


It gives you a competitive edge.

The bar has given me competitive edge because I can keep training when I’m on the sidelines.

I never have to be in the gym or home or anywhere else when I want to compete, even when I don” t have a set of weights.

I can train and compete against other people and compete in a different gym each week.

When people hear me say that, they get really excited and it gives them an edge.


It helps your arms.

With most barbell exercises, the bar itself can be very strong, but there’s a limit to how strong you can make it.

That’s because most bar work is done with a heavy dumbbell.

Barbells are also stronger than dumbbells, so if you use a heavy, heavy dumb