Victorville, Calif.

— No one wants to see a football team in a press box.

But it happens in football stadiums.

The Lions’ press box at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 31, 2018, is one of only two stadiums with its own press box, and one of the only ones in the NFL.

The other one is in New England.

When the Lions hosted the Seahawks in the Rose Parade, the players held a brief press conference, before walking into the game and waiting for the stadium to get ready for kickoff.

The fans cheered for the teams, then waited until the game was over, before leaving to take a photo with the players.

“It’s really cool to have a place that’s so close to where we’re going,” Lions head coach Jim Caldwell said.

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to say the same thing about the Rose Garden.

I know that the press box is very, very important.

We’re not going to get anywhere without it.”

The Lions haven’t played a regular-season game in the press area since 2012, when the team played in New Orleans.

But the fans are used to it.

They’re used to the game being broadcast live, and have long been excited about what happens when the Lions come back to Detroit.

The press box isn’t a bad place to be, as long as you can’t get caught in the middle of the action, said Dan McCarney, a Lions assistant coach who has worked at the team for two seasons.

“There’s not a lot of distractions when you’re on the sideline,” he said.

For Caldwell, who grew up in suburban New Jersey, the team’s players are a huge draw.

They’ve always been a big part of the fan base, and the players have become part of it as well.

He’s a huge fan of the team, but when he sees the players walking around on the field, he thinks, ‘Hey, this is my team.

I want them to be as excited as I am.’

It’s not going out of their way to do it.” “

They’re going to enjoy it.

It’s not going out of their way to do it.”

But some fans have noticed a little disruption, even if the players aren’t.

For one, the Lions have had to adjust their schedule.

The team is playing three games in five days in two different cities — in Seattle and Detroit — before playing home games against the Bengals and the Vikings.

And because of the games, some fans aren’t sure they want to be there on Sunday night.

“We’re going home,” one person tweeted.

“No one wants a game like this.

No one.”

The players have made it their mission to make sure fans are aware of the issues with the press room.

The teams are trying to have as many people as possible in the box, so the fans can see the players, McCarneys said.

They also have put up posters and banners, asking fans to keep an eye out.

“People don’t really know what to expect,” McCarrows said.

The players are also doing their best to get a message out to fans.

“If people see you, they’re going, ‘Oh, wow, this could be good,’ ” Caldwell said of the fans.

He noted that the fans have been very receptive.

“Our fans are pretty vocal, especially in the last two weeks,” he added.

“A lot of people have been like, ‘Wow, that’s cool, I’m a fan of that team.’

We know there are a lot more fans than that, and they’re not necessarily saying that to be rude, but to not know what we’re doing is a little frustrating.”