The squat is a great exercise to use to strengthen your lower body.

It can also be used to strengthen any other muscle group, including your abs.

When you are squatting for long periods of time, the muscles in your lower back and shoulders become weaker.

You will also start to feel soreness in your back and neck.

It’s important to keep the back and shoulder muscles strong throughout the whole squat, so you can perform it safely.

In order to increase your squat, you can start with a dumbbell and do some push-ups.

The goal is to get your back, neck and shoulders stronger.

Once you have done some pushups, you will be able to squat without the assistance of the dumbbell.

You can then switch to a barbell or a kettlebell, depending on the strength you need.

With these exercises, you are working the lower back, shoulders and abs, which will make your squat even more effective.