“You have to be able to do a lot of things, but it’s a lot more difficult than we’re used to, you know?”

– Mike McDaniel, former NFL player.

“I used to bench press 225 pounds, and I did it for four years.

Now I bench press about 100.

I don’t even think it’s that hard.

It’s just that I don’ think I have the stamina to do it.”

– Tony Boselli, former UFC fighter.

“The bench press is really about explosiveness, not the power.

The power is more of an issue, but the explosiveness is what we’re all about.

The bench press, the bench press just makes everything easier.

If you can bench press for 15 reps, then you can go all out.

But if you can only do five, then the next day you’re done.

I’ve got to bench 300 pounds to get there.

It doesn’t matter what weight I’m at.

I’m not doing it for power.

I just want to get stronger and faster.”

– Jason Calathes, former football player.

“(The bench) just makes the whole workout easier.

And that’s why it’s become so popular.”

– former NBA player, Chris Bosh.

“It’s the ultimate in cardio.

It builds your cardio capacity.

You just get faster and faster.

If I have to do two or three reps, I just have to press more.”

– Ryan Nassib, former professional football player, current NBA player.

“[The bench] just makes things easier.

It just makes all the workouts easier.

You don’t have to lift weights.

You can just get stronger.

You know, I have a lot to learn about my body and my bodybuilding.

But I think it is definitely a great tool.

You need to be stronger to use it properly, so if you do that for a long time, then it’ll become a part of your game.”

– Former NFL player, Jason Jones.

“My bench press has improved so much since I did my last one.

It used to be a lot harder.

Now it’s fun to do.”

– NBA player and former Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett.

“Nowadays you have to really be very fast to bench as many reps as you can.

The bar has moved to a little more compact shape and that’s a good thing.”

– Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion.

“You’re going to have to bench a lot, but you can just use a dumbbell.”

– UFC fighter Chris Weidman.

“There are people that bench 300 to 400 pounds.

I mean, I would bench 300, but I’m a very fit person.

My bench press would be like that.

I would say I could bench 315.

I have some kind of problem with it, but that’s the kind of person I am.”

– MMA fighter and former UFC heavyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson.

“If you are a good weight, you can get to a spot where you can do a couple reps.

If not, you have the ability to do some more work.

And then you know, that’s it.

And you know it’s gonna be a big day.”

– NFL player and current New England Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell, who recently retired.

“They say bench press will keep your muscles strong.

But it’s more about what you do with that strength, what you put into it.

So, I like to train with my own body.

I know what I need to do to be the best at what I do.”