With a new collective bargaining agreement kicking in, NFL players are likely to see some big changes to their contracts, but there’s still plenty of time to take advantage.

Here’s everything you need read.

More From NFL.com:The NFLPA Players Committee has met this week in Dallas, but it hasn’t announced its decision on its new CBA yet.

In addition, the committee hasn’t formally released its recommendations.

Here’s what you need know about those decisions:The new CAB will include the following major changes:• Contracts for all players will become retroactive, meaning that players won’t have to agree to them.• A salary cap increase will be implemented to help pay for the increase in the cap and the expansion draft.• Teams will receive a portion of the salary cap that would have been allocated to them by the previous CBA.• The NFLPA will be able to collect an extra $500 million per year to compensate the league for the cost of player retirement.

The union hopes to get its recommendation before the end of the month.