What are the top 10 stories from France right now?

French media is reporting that the French press is “under siege” from an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that has been circulating online since at least the beginning of 2017.The conspiracy theory

How to do a 3-day hydraulic press 2:30am workout

How to perform a 3 day hydraulic press is no simple feat.You need a solid set of tools, time, and practice.It’s the ultimate drill.Here are six things to remember when

How to stop a coronavirus pandemic with a press conference

With temperatures soaring and the coronaviruses pandemic already well underway, the world’s most powerful government and most powerful news media are all talking about a new press conference that they

Barbell overhead presses form

Barbell and shoulder press form is a complex exercise that needs to be mastered, and the key to success is form, said Steve Hsu, a registered personal trainer in Toronto,